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Official Election Results: Hairston, Fox Reelected to Summit Common Council Seats

I want to express my deep gratitude for your amazing support over the last year as I got acclimated to my new role as Councilmember, while at the same time running a reelection campaign. I am looking forward to continuing in my role working for the people of Summit as the Ward 1 Councilmember for the next three years!

Wishing you the best,


 What Susan Brings to Summit Common Council

  • Exceptional expertise in financial management and budgeting
  • Breadth of perspective, based on decades of public service, non-profit and government experience
  • Inclusive approach to decision-making
  • Lifelong commitment to making and keeping Summit a vibrant, diverse community

What Susan is Doing on Summit Common Council

  • Chair of the Safety & Health committee
  • Member of the Law & Labor committee
  • Liaison to the following community committees:
    - Affordable Housing
    - Summit Public & Private Schools
    - Emergency Management & Shared Dispatch
    - Lackawanna Coalition
    - Labor Negotiations
    - Summit Public Library

Susan was elected on November 5, 2019 to complete the final year of the Ward 1 Common Council seat that was left empty by Council Member Matt Gould’s tragic death. Susan is committed to thoughtful, cost-conscious, innovative discourse and decision making that considers all of the people of Summit. She is running again for the 3-year term in 2020.





Hairston for Council
PO Box 204
Summit, NJ 07902
Terri Tauber, Treasurer
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